Let the voters vote!

Dear Ridgewood Community,

Today, August 13, we submitted a “supplemental petition” to the Village Clerk to cure the defects she identified with our original submission. The law allowed us just ten days to fix the issues identified by the Clerk, collect new signatures, and resubmit. Thanks to tremendous support from the community we were able to meet this tight deadline. And we did so with 582 signatures from Ridgewood voters, once again well more than the 410 threshold needed to put the question to consolidate Ridgewood’s elections on the ballot in November as a binding initiative.

As a quick recap, our original petition submission was deemed by the Village Clerk to be “insufficient” for two reasons. First, the full text of our proposed ordinance to move the timing of the elections needed to be on the actual petition form each voter signed, rather than the more simplified summary we had included. Second, while use of an online form is acceptable under Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 132, the Clerk objected to how the form was shared on our web page and potentially by others in the community.

Given the grassroots nature of our effort, these obstacles do sometimes arise; however, we received some great advice and fixed the identified defects. We included the full text of the proposed ordinance on the amended petition form, and we ensured that only the five official petitioners personally circulated and collected the petition form. With these updates, the Village Clerk has five days to review, and then we expect her to certify that the petition is sufficient.

Most importantly, neighbors in the Village are really talking about the issue, sharing their perspectives, and listening to each other. We all care about our Village passionately. This initiative will make Ridgewood a better place to live by improving our democracy – increasing voter turnout, saving tens of thousands of dollars per year, and helping with school security. And while not everyone agrees with us, this much now seems clear: IT IS TIME TO LET THE VOTERS DECIDE. This is an important issue which merits conversation and a binding vote. We call upon the Village Clerk and Village Council to ensure this happens this November.

Thanks again for all of the support, and we’ll keep the community updated as we hear news.

With thanks,

Bob Fuhrman
Matthew Lindenberg
Stacey Loscalzo
Deborah Steinbaum
Siobhan Crann Winograd


Dear Ridgewood Community

Thank you again for your ongoing support for One Village One Vote and our efforts to consolidate Ridgewood’s local elections to November. As a quick update, the Village Clerk has rejected our petition. After the Clerk’s office declined to provide guidance on the proper approach to writing the petition, we tried to use friendly language within the petition and collected it electronically as permitted under our understanding of Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order 132. The Clerk has now notified us of two deficiencies with the petitions:

  • The full text of the proposed ordinance to change the elections timing must be on the signed petition forms.
  • Every petition must be circulated directly by one of us, the Committee of Petitioners, and not gathered by someone else or downloaded directly from our website.

If you are interested, the full details of the deficiencies were provided during last night’s Village Council meeting (go to 1:11:40 for the relevant section).

Given this, WE NEED SOME QUICK HELP FROM YOU. We hate to bother you again, but we ask that you please print and sign the petition one more time (one form for each voting member of your household!), and either drop it to any of us or scan and email it back to one of us directly (email addresses at the bottom of this email). Please send this back to us BY AUGUST 11 to give us time to compile and resubmit. Since the postal service is slower in the summer, please do not place in the mail.

Thanks again for your time and patience. We are confident that, barring any additional unforeseen obstruction, this resubmission will be what gets us on the ballot in November. If you have any questions or would like to discuss, feel free to drop any of us a line.

With thanks,

Bob Fuhrman (bfuhrman49@gmail.com)
Matthew Lindenberg (matthew.lindenberg@gmail.com)
Stacey Loscalzo (sloscalzo1@gmail.com)
Deborah Steinbaum (dsteinbaum@gmail.com)
Siobhan Crann Winograd (swinograd@hotmail.com)

Breaking News: One Village One Vote submits Citizens Petition

Dear Ridgewood Community,

Yesterday, July 6th, we submitted 570 citizen petitions to our local clerks, Heather Mailander and Donna Jackson. In addition, we notified the Bergen County clerk’s office. 

photo of the front of Ridgewood Village Hall entrance with tote bag of signed citizen petitions along with a face mask in the foreground.

Below is a timeline for the process that will bring our petition to a BINDING question on this November’s ballot.

  • We were required to submit a minimum of 410 petitions. Given that some of the petitions will be rejected due to signature or residency issues, we submitted 570 to ensure that we would reach the required minimum for the question to be placed on the ballot.
    • We were cognizant to keep our number of submissions below 615. Submission of 615 petitions could trigger a special election, which is the last thing we would hope to do!
  • The Village Clerk now has until July 26th to certify the petitions meaning she will confirm that the signatures match the signer’s voting cards and that the signers live in their stated addresses.
  • The clerk must return any “deficient” petitions to us and we then have 10 days to cure, meaning we can ask the signers to correct any errors or we can collect additional signatures, if needed.
  • If necessary, the Village Clerk then has until August 11, to recertify additional petitions.
  • Once certified, the Village Manager presents the certified petitions to the Village Council at the next public meeting as a “first reading.”
  • At the following public meeting (by September 1), the Village Council can either vote to approve an ordinance moving our Council and BOE elections to November, or to put this issue as a binding question on the November 2020 ballot.

We are hopeful that the process will play out fairly and that this binding initiative will appear as written, inclusive of the interpretative statement, on the November 2020 ballot. In that election, the Ridgewood voters will have the opportunity to decide if our elections should be consolidated.

If the voters vote YES on this question, the decision is BINDING and the elections will be consolidated to November.

Thank you to everyone who signed a petition and helped us move our initiative to the ballot. We hope all of you continue to follow our efforts and help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

One Village, One Vote!

Be sure to sign up for emails at www.onevillageonevote.com in order to receive all of the latest information and learn how you can help support this change in our Village. We look forward to connecting with you.


Bob Fuhrman
Matthew Lindenberg
Stacey Loscalzo
Deborah Steinbaum
Siobhan Crann Winograd