Ballots Are Arriving; Vote YES to November Local Elections!

Hello Ridgewood Neighbors,

With mail-in ballots arriving as we speak, the time has finally come to vote YES to move all of Ridgewood’s local elections to November.

Here is a quick recap of why this makes sense for our community:

  • Higher Turnout: Many more people vote in November than in April/May, even for local issues and candidates.
  • Ease: Voting is easier and more accessible when it is on a single day during the year.
  • Broader Representation: November’s larger turnout is more representative of the overall community and our diverse interests.
  • Saving Money: Moving our local elections to November decreases costs to Ridgewood taxpayers.
  • School Safety: Fewer days with outside foot traffic entering the schools will increase safety for our children.
  • School Budget Vote: Citizens will retain their ability to vote on the school budget if it exceeds the state-mandated 2% cap on spending increases.

Please make sure to fill out your ballot and to follow all instructions carefully so your vote gets counted. Look for the Municipal Question on page 3 of the ballot, and vote YES!

Image of sample ballot containing the Municipal Question on page 3 of the ballot.

Thanks again for your support.

One Village, One Vote!

Bob Fuhrman
Matthew Lindenberg
Stacey Loscalzo
Deborah Steinbaum
Siobhan Crann Winograd

Be sure to sign up for emails at in order to receive all of the latest information and learn how you can help support this change in our Village. Thank you.