Moving Forward, Despite Village Appeal

Dear Ridgewood Community:

On Tuesday, September 8, the Village Attorney filed an appeal of Judge De La Cruz’s order that our question be put on the November ballot. We are disappointed that the Village chooses to continue fighting to deny citizens their right to vote on this question (at taxpayer expense), but until a court rules otherwise, the Village Clerk is still under an order to include our question on the ballot. As of today the ballots have not been printed and we are concerned about that for many reasons.

While their fight plays out in court, we are shifting our focus and moving forward. We hope to foster a productive, fact-based conversation on the benefits of moving Ridgewood’s local elections to November. Our Village deserves a dialogue that focuses its energy on positive changes for our community.

Watch this space for more details soon.

One Village, One Vote!

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Bob Fuhrman
Matthew Lindenberg
Stacey Loscalzo
Deborah Steinbaum
Siobhan Crann Winograd